M.E.T.A.L.® Law Group, LLP is a full business law firm with a solid reputation for providing effective and zealous representation. Our attorneys will help you defend against employee lawsuits, serve as your general or production counsel, and help you protect your business assets, including intellectual property and trademarks.


Richard is the managing partner for all Entertainment and Intellectual Property matters for the firm.

Richard B. Jefferson

Managing Partner - Entertainment/IP

John is the Managing Partner for all Employer Defense issues, which includes Labor Board, Disputes and Litigation.

John Fagerholm

Managing Partner - Employer Defense

Dan is the managing partner for all litigation matters and the head trial attorney for the firm.

Dan Lee

Managing Partner - Litigation

Strategic Legal Solutions for Employers, Entrepreneurs, Entertainment Companies, and Business Owners

What our happy clients say

  • We needed John to review a contract for us and he was able to find all the subtle ways we would have been at a disadvantage had we signed the original. With his input, we were able to negotiate from a position of power and successfully sign an equitable agreement.

    David Rosenhaus
    Owner, DFN Graphics Company
  • What can I say about Richard other than he is an awesome guy and truly a pleasure to work with. I’ve known Richard for a few years and he is my “GUY TO TURN TO” for all things entertainment law. He is the one of the most honest and reliable lawyers I have ever had a chance to work with and he is also a great friend.

    Jasmine Diaz
    Owner, The J. Diaz. Company
  • Swift, strong, and detail oriented are all words to describe John Fagerholm. I’ve caught him in the midst of chaos and he still took a few minutes to give me life-changing information. It’s definitely who you know and who knows you. Call him when you need him, I do!

    Echo Hattix
    Owner, Echoing Soundz
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