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“Swift, strong, and detail priented are all words to describe John Fagerholm. I've caught him in the midst of chaos and he still took a few minutes to give me life-changing information. It's definitely who you know and who knows you. Call him when you need him, I do!”

- Echo Hattix, Owner, Echoing Soundz

“What can I say about Richard other than he is an awesome guy and truly a pleasure to work with. I've known Richard for a few years and he is my "GUY TO TURN TO" for all things entertainment law. He is the one of the most honest and reliable lawyers I have ever had a chance to work with and he is also a great friend.”

- Jasmine Diaz, Owner, The J. Diaz. Company

“We needed John to review a contract for us and he was able to find all the subtle ways we would have been at a disadvantage had we signed the original. With his input, we were able to negotiate from a position of power and successfully sign an equitable agreement.”

- David Rosenhaus, Owner, DFN Graphics Company

"M.E.T.A.L. is a talented and dedicated firm whose work gets the results their clients desire, and more. They are knowledgeable, thorough and their attention to every detail results in exceptional outcomes for her clients. I have found M.E.T.A.L. to be unstoppable, who doesn't shy away from a big challenge, but who embraces it fully and takes it on with integrity and honor. Let M.E.T.A.L. make the difference for you and your company!"

- Laurel Coote, CMM, Owner/Consultant, Pick My Brain Consulting

"The guys at M.E.T.A.L. really understand business and seeing things from an entrepreneur's perspective. I not only condsider them for any legal advice but when I want to bounce business ideas of someone as well."

- Marc Kreiner,Former President of Tapout, Restaraunt Owner

“Richard is an unbelievable entertainment lawyer! He's bailed me out through some rough situations and has not only showed me superlative work, but has also been trustworthy and very personable...unique attributes coming from your typical lawyer. They are the best!”

- Monica Busby, Owner, Quantum Leap Entertainment, LLC

“John is a great attorney and an even better visionary. His solutions for problems make you wish you had thought of that! His ability to see past a current issue and look into the future for new opportunities is what makes him unique and a pleasure to work with. Quite frankly after using many different attorneys in my past, John is the most thorough, competent, and creative attorney that I have had the pleasure of working with. The other thing that makes John unique in this business is his honesty and integrity. Its been a pleasure.”

- Javier Laval, Owner, Android Homme

“We met with several entertainment attorneys, and upon meeting Richard, we knew he was the one to represent our daughter with a potentially touchy legal procedure. We liked Richard's approach; his understanding of our situation; his strategy and reasoning; and most certainly his promptness and follow through which is critical. The entertainment industry is a difficult one to navigate, and Richard's candor with us is greatly appreciated. He helped us through our situation to reach his targeted outcome, and will continue to represent our daughter in the future as well. Richard was much more than fair with us, as this process required several revisions along the way. We regard Richard as an industry expert and trusted counsel, and also as a true friend. He is one of the few in our circle that we can count on in the (not so trusting entertainment industry). Anyone would be fortunate to have him as any of the above.”

- Chris Beaty, parent of child actress

“John is brilliant! He is extremely intelligent and gifted. John is an excellent businessman and attorney. He is always available to share his expertise..."

- R.J. Braxton, CEO, R.J. Braxton & Associates

"I have engaged M.E.T.A.L.'s legal services with respect to a start-up venture on which I have been working for a number of months. The team has repeatedly delivered exceptional service and advise for outstanding value. They are the consummate entrepreneur's attorneys, are highly professional and responsive, and always deliver outstanding work product and advise in a timely manner. I highly recommend them."

- Jonathan Petrus, Attorney

“Richard Jefferson is a Mensch and a gentleman who is also well-versed in cutting-edge legal developments that he employs to help his clients, from the large to the very least. He is especially good about looking after the business interests of the "little guy" and is just as well-equipped to handle large, complex and far-reaching deals. In a business where one deal can make, break or substantially derail a career, having a guy like Richard on your side means dramatically evening the odds in your favor for long-term success in an exciting but volatile industry."

- Tess Taylor, President, National Association of Record Industry Professionals

“Richard Jefferson is an outstanding attorney whose mission remains focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients. Having referred several potential clients to Richard through LegalZoom channels, his professionalism, superior knowledge of law and client centered focus has been represented in the consistent positive feedback we have received from our customers. Hiring Richard to resolve your issue is a wise choice. I highly recommend Richard and his firm for your legal needs.”

- Allen Rodriguez, Operations Manager, LegalZoom

“Nothing more important than having legal counsel that you can TRUST, follows through in detail, is insightful and saves you time and money (long-term). I am very particular about who I work and do business with and can easily say that Richard is among them.”

- Isha Edwards, Owner, EPiC Measures, LLC

"We hired Richard and received wonderful advice and fast service on some contracts we needed for a Film/TV project. Not only did we feel safe, but also learned a lot about the business from the way he explained everything to us. Thanks Richard! I always highly recommend you."

- Linda Andersson, Filmmaker

*Testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter

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