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Hi I’m John. I am more interested in hearing about you and how I can help but just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you a little about my backstory.

Before you hire an attorney to represent your business you should know about their experience after all.

And I don’t just mean legal experience. I also mean life experience.

After you read my story you may find we have some stuff in common. After all I’m not just an attorney, I am a lifelong entrepreneur and business owner and I have employees just like you.


My Story

It was many years ago but I still remember this feeling. It was like a real hollow, empty pit in the middle of my stomach. Almost like I had been punched and the person who did the punching left their fist stuck there.

You see I had just opened an envelope that contained a letter from an attorney who was suing me. I was being threatened because of a dispute with a former employee.

Here I was, a young, struggling entrepreneur, who had finally started to see a bit of success with one of my companies. Failure after failure but I finally found something that was successful and bringing me a steady income.

At that time I had 2 young kids and what I wanted more than anything was to be able to comfortably support my family while I built a successful business.

But I didn’t understand how the laws worked and had no way of knowing my business was vulnerable.

When my business came under attack I naively thought that I could handle the situation myself (after all I didn’t feel like I did anything wrong).

Well I quickly learned (the hard way) that it really does not matter if you don’t think you did anything wrong.

Not understanding the laws I got my butt kicked in court and pretty much lost my most successful business to date and the only source of income at that time for my family.

Suddenly I was struggling to pay the legal bills and penalties that sank my company. I eventually had to kill it altogether which dried up all the income needed to support my family.

It was tough to break the news to my wife that she had to go back to work to help support the family as I began trying to get a new business off the ground.

It finally got to be to much stress and me only being 20 at the time, I decided to join the Navy. After serving our country in the Navy for four years I came back to finish my bachelors degree at the University of Washington.

After that it was time to pursue a dream to move to Los Angeles and attend law school.


Law Career

Much of my motivation to attend law school in the first place was my bitter experience years earlier getting decimated by the legal system and losing my business. 

I wanted to understand the laws and make sure I never felt powerless like that again.

I attended Southwestern Law School in LA and their prestigious and intense Scale program.

After graduation I had my sights set on my first job, practicing entertainment law for a big shot firm in Los Angeles

But after just a few short years the entrepreneurial side of me came out again. I accepted the fact that I made a better entrepreneur than I did an employee and I started my own firm with my friend from law school Richard Jefferson.

Even though I was technically in entertainment law, I worked with many companies and businesses. I saw over and over again that their biggest issues and liabilities were almost all employee related.

The state of California was just so unfair and one sided against us employers and it was only getting worse.

I remembered back to how helpless I felt many years earlier in my own business. Many of my business clients were coming to me with these same problems and I really didn’t have anyone good to refer them to.

Almost all lawyers in employment law only focused on helping employees!  


Employer Defense

After seeing how hard it was for my clients struggling with employee issues to find a good attorney it hit me! I needed to focus my career and firm only on defending California employers.

After all, I personally knew what it was like to have your business held hostage by unfair employment laws. And I already had in depth knowledge of contracts and business law in California.

But as I shifted my focus to Employment Law I realized that it was not going to be easy. Most attorneys just want employers to pay up so the case can go away quickly. 

The employee gets paid, the attorneys get paid and everybody wins. Except of course the employer!

But I was a lifelong entrepreneur not just a lawyer. I knew what it was like to have your business on the verge of being taken from you. I didn’t think it was good enough to just tell my clients to roll over and play dead.

So I started creating very effective and out of the box tactics to fight back against these vindictive employees and their greedy attorneys.


The Struggle is Real

I have to admit the first couple of years practicing employment law was tough. As time passed the  laws just got more and more punitive and one sided against employers.

And more greedy employee side attorneys devised ways to basically just extort money from business owners.

It. was. tough.

But many years later and after defending hundreds of California employers and seeing case after case I started to see patterns. Despite the odds being stacked against us,  I came up with techniques and tactics that very often turned the tide to our side.


Finding Our Groove

As the years passed of my entire focus just being on employer defense, we came up with methods and tactics that we believe are the most effective way for employers to fight back against this unfair system.

This includes;

  • Our custom arbitration agreements to keep our clients out of court in the first place.
  • Our custom full Policies and Procedures packages that greatly reduce the chances of a lawsuit.
  • Our aggressive representation techniques so employers are not sitting on their heels waiting to be taken advantage of.
  • Our strategy to build a team of “A” player attorneys all dedicated only to defending employers. 


After all that time, money and sacrifice I can say with confidence that we are now widely recognized as one of the most effective employer defense firms in all of California.

We are also feared by employee side attorneys who know they will not be getting easy money when we are on the other side.

Now as an entrepreneur, business owner and lawyer I feel like things have come full circle. I am now helping to represent and defend fellow business owners so they do not have to face these issues alone like I did so many years ago.

If you have any employee problems or issues I invite you to give me a call. I would love to give you a free consultation to see if I can help.

One employer, entrepreneur and business owner to another.

your friend,

John Fagerholm

About John

I will help you build a strong line of defense to protect your business from the unfair state laws, vindictive former employees and greedy employee side attorneys looking to extort and exploit you.


John Fagerholm is a life long entrepreneur and business owner who had dedicated his law practice to defending and protecting California employers.

John Fagerholm

Managing Partner - Employer Defense
Labor Law Suits
Labor Board Defense
Sexual Harassment Defense
Workers Comp Defense

Sexual Harassment Defense

There are two sides to every story. We help you defend against sexual harassment claims and work to make the problem go away as quickly and discreetly as possible.

Labor Board Defense

You do not have to sit there and let the Labor Board push you around. We can attend your notice of claim and conference or hearing with you and help defend your business.

Labor Lawsuits/Litigation

We can handle the litigation for you in superior or federal court. Since we only defend employers we have developed aggressive tactics to bring favorable results for our clients.

Firing and Termination Help

Do you have a problem employee but are worried that firing him/her is going to cause you a problem? We can look over everything and make sure your legally covered. We can even do the actual firing for you.

Workers Comp Claims

Did one of your (ex)workers make a Workmen’s Compensation Claim against your business and you were not insured at the time? This could be trouble as this insurance is mandatory. Contact us and we can help minimize the damage.

Policies and Procedures

We can create a custom Policies and Procedures package that will keep your business out of trouble with labor laws and out of the cross hairs of greedy employee side attorneys. We also offer a 1 day onsite audit to go over your entire business with you.

Professional certification

Under Graduate Degree: University of Washington

Law Degree: Southwestern University School of Law

Admitted to State Bar: 2001

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