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What We Do

What We Do


Richard is the managing partner for all Entertainment and Intellectual Property matters for the firm.


John is the Managing Partner for all Employer Defense issues, which includes Labor Board, Disputes and Litigation.


Dan is the managing partner for all litigation matters and the head trial attorney for the firm.

Dan Lee

Managing Partner - Litigation

What our happy clients say

  • John is a great attorney and an even better visionary. His solutions for problems make you wish you had thought of that! His ability to see past a current issue and look into the future for new opportunities is what makes him unique and a pleasure to work with. Quite frankly after using many different attorneys in my past, John is the most thorough, competent, and creative attorney that I have had the pleasure of working with. The other thing that makes John unique in this business is his honesty and integrity. Its been a pleasure.

    Javier Laval
    Owner, Android Homme
  • Richard is an unbelievable entertainment lawyer! He’s bailed me out through some rough situations and has not only showed me superlative work, but has also been trustworthy and very personable…unique attributes coming from your typical lawyer. They are the best!

    Monica Busby
    Owner, Quantum Leap Entertainment, LLC
  • The guys at M.E.T.A.L. really understand business and seeing things from an entrepreneur’s perspective. I not only condsider them for any legal advice but when I want to bounce business ideas of someone as well.

    Marc Kreiner
    Former President of Tapout, Restaraunt Owner

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