LLC & Corporate Formation

We can form your business for you and make sure you are setup the correct way legally.


  • An LLC is generally a good structure for startup businesses, new projects, or joint ventures between companies.
  • An S-Corp is generally a good structure for small businesses that have a few employees and a limited number of investors.
  • A C-Corp is generally the preferred structure for business that will have significant investors and employees.


We can help you decide the correct company structure, and form either a Limited Liability Company (LLC), S-Corporation, or C-Corporation for your business, project or venture.


We offer the flat rates below for entire entity formation.

LLC & Corporate Formation Packages

  • Limited Liability Corporation LLC

  • $
  • Articles of Operation (including filing fees)

  • Operating Agreement

  • LLC Records Kit w/ Initial Minutes

  • Secure EIN

  • Legal Advice

  • C-Corporation

  • $
  • Articles of Incorporation (including filing fees)

  • Corporate Bylaws

  • Corporate Records Kit w/ Initial Minutes

  • Secure EIN

  • Legal Advice

  • S-Corporation

  • $
  • Articles of Incorporation (including filing fees)

  • Corporate Bylaws

  • Corporate Records Kit w/ Initial Minutes

  • Secure EIN and File IRS Form 2553

  • Legal Advice

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LLC Formation

The flat fee includes state filing fees, semi-expedited service (approximately 2-3 week turnaround; 2-3 day turnaround is available for an additional fee), filing Articles of Organization, securing EIN Number, drafting Operating Agreement, an LLC Records Kit (embosser, unit certificates), and drafting Initial Minutes.



Incorporation (S and C Corporation)

The flat fee includes filing fees, semi-expedited service, filing Articles of Incorporation, securing EIN Number, drafting standard By Laws, a Corporate Records Kit (embosser, stock certificates), and drafting Initial Minutes. For S-Corps there is an additional filing with the IRS.



Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) Investment Package

We also offer flat fees for drafting PPMs. Our fee varies based on the amount of work needed to complete the funding document. Generally, a proper PPM investment package involves forming a new legal entity (LLC or Corporation) and drafting the following documents:

  • PPM Offering Summary
  • PPM Offering with necessary legal disclaimers
  • Entity Operating Agreement
  • Investor Questionnaire
  • Subscription Agreement



  • “Richard Jefferson is a Mensch and a gentleman who is also well-versed in cutting-edge legal developments that he employs to help his clients, from the large to the very small. He is especially good about looking after the business interests of the ‘little guy’ and is just as well equipped to handle large, complex and far reaching deals.”

    Tess Taylor
    President NARIP

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